HillClimb Timing - Garda Hillclimb 22 Oct 23

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Limerick Sat 22 March 24ClassOverall

Limerick Sun 23 March 24ClassOverall

Carrick Sat 6 April 24ClassOverall

Carrick Sun 7 April 24ClassOverall

Wexford Sat 27 April 24ClassOverall

Wexford Sun 28 April 24ClassOverall

Westmeath Sat 29 June 24ClassOverall

Westmeath Sun 30 June 24ClassOverall

Carlow Sat 17 June 24ClassOverall

Garda Sun 22 Oct '23ClassOverall

Limerick Sun 1 Oct '23ClassOverall

Limerick Sat 30 Sept '23ClassOverall

Clare Sun 11 June '23ClassOverall

Clare Sat 10 June '23ClassOverall

MEC 21 May '23ClassOverall

MEC 20 May '23ClassOverall

Wexford 7 May '23ClassOverall

Wexford 6 May '23ClassOverall

Mullingar 12/3/23ClassOverall